Who I Am



beneath the waves: where it’s calm and the moments are slow and clear

It's not to merely survive, but thrive with passion, compassion, humor and some style. Inspiring and revitalizing creativity to cultivate self-worth through optimism, everyday success and thoughtful imagination. Serving as a leader, having fun, living a balanced lifestyle and learning from mistakes along the way while applying ethical principles to make a difference.

I was raised to work hard for what I believe in and to embrace living in the race. I have always been encouraged to open my eyes and heart to the world around me, to make up my own mind, to experience and be inspired. I see life through a lens, all in angles, lines and perspective; I see my camera as a tool that allows me to build strong relationships with my environment and the people that, in my eyes, connect me to a fulfilling and purposeful world.

Subtle glimpses of magic can happen with only the slight turn of the head, the blink of an eye, a photo that passes by. The simple act of taking a photo, using my camera to translate what I see into something tangible, keeps me grinning while I search for this purpose. I never set out to be anything in particular, only to live creatively, to use my hands and imagination to push the scope of my experience through passion and adventure. The freeze frame, to me, means much more than just the subject it holds. I’m hypnotized by unfamiliar frontiers; this is where my heart beats hardest and my mind expands with purpose. I try to pay tribute to that magic through how I feel it in my heart and see it in my head.

It is a skill I have found is truly only achievable through time. Time spent with the unfamiliar, with teachers and unexpected lessons along the way. I know this lesson will span my lifetime and as I learn more about the world. With intuition as my map, mind-blowing images burn, igniting my imagination and whispering endless possibilities. Everything that brought us to this point and those that follows after in this moment in time, to do something worth remembering through a photograph I’m genuinely lucky to be happy to do what I do, and simply never want to take it for granted. I’m a silent workhorse just waiting to capture memories worth remembering.

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